Our Mission Statement

To offer the proper equipment, knowledge and training to all levels of bowlers that will help them reach and hopefully surpass their goals.

Juan Fonseca,
FTF Owner
USBC Certified,
Silver-level Coach


Bowling Balls

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Shoes, Bags & Accessories




We will match minimum selling pricing (MSP) before the world-wide release date with a full ball payment. Reserve your order by NOON on the day BEFORE the listed WWRD and save!!

Download our handy new release reference to stay current with ALL the latest releases HERE!

Simply click on the ball company list of your choice & you’ll be taken straight to their website!

Not sure which one will suit your game or arsenal? Send us a list of your current equipment at
info@filltheframes.com and we will respond asap will an option.
Labor is not included.

Visit the various ball company YouTube Channels (the links below each company logo) to see each company’s newest releases. Just enter the company and ball name in the search box and choose among the results. There are many ball demos online by professional and amateur websites. All information is done with the demo bowler's attributes including PAP, release, speed and lane properties taken into consideration. Consult your Pro Shop professional or Coach to see what will help you improve your game

How to shop for a bowler

Don't know where to start? It can be a little confusing due to the number of products on the market.

At Fill The Frames Bowling Services, we can help. We need some information about the bowler and then we can offer you the best options. Here are the things we need to know in order to find the perfect gift.

Remember, these are what the bowler currently owns, so we can replace,  add to or enhance the performance of their equipment.

Bowling Balls

Brand, name/model, weight, & color. Think about a gift certificate to replace any finger inserts in all equipment.

FTF is an Xtreme Turbo dealer.

Choosing a high-performance ball - Many factors go into making the right choice. This handy PDF from MOTIV is a great guide.


Brand, style, color, size & right, left or universal slide foot. Replaceable soles or heels?


Brand, single, double or more. Tote or roller.


Gripping tape (for inside the holes) - Make, color & size

Fitting/Protection Tape (for the thumb and/or fingers) - Make, color, roll or pre-cut. A sample will help to insure the proper choice.

Other Accessories

Hand conditioner, rosin bag, grip bags, skin protector, etc.

Don't forget that gift certificates are available for all services including equipment maintenance

We can build a kit for your favorite bowler, too.